Monthly Archives: August 2022

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  1. How does a Bag of Pellets become a Bottle?

    A bucket of plastic pellets being turned into plastic bottles

    Let me take you around the back into a bottle-making factory. We make a few styles of promotional plastic bottles here in Australia (yes, manufacturing is not dead in Australia). The process of bottles is fun and an eye-opener for many. I'll stop talking now; let's dive in and see how exactly a bag of plastic pellets becomes a bottle.

    Bag of Plastic Pellets

    A bag of plastic pellets into drink bottles is a great

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  2. Promotional Gift Packs in Australia

    Promotional Gift Packs

    A promotional gift pack is a set of merchandise packaged together for gift giving. Individual items in the set may be custom branded along with the packaging, or for those on a budget, just the packaging can feature logo decoration. At Cubic Promote, we sell a wide range of promotional gift packs for Australian consumers, focusing on functionality, affordability, and style. Today on the blog, we're going to look at what makes gift packs different from individual promotional products and when gift sets are the appropriate choice for Aussie organisations and events.

    Gift Packs vs. Individual Promotional Products

    While staff, customers, and event attendees will likely appreciate receiving any kind of individual promotional product you give them, sometimes it might be more appropriate

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  3. Promote Your Brand With Coffee Beans

    Roasted coffee beans around a bag of custom branded Merlo beans

    According to market research by McCrindle, 75% of Australians surveyed drink at least one cup of coffee a day. Whether you love the rich, flavourful taste of a cup of joe or you're just chasing a caffeine hit, nothing compares to a freshly brewed coffee at home, in the office, or on the move. We've been selling personalised mugs in Australia for years but haven't had any promotional coffee to pair with them. Until now, that is! Today on the blog, we'll be looking at our new branded coffee products and just how useful they can be when promoting your brand or event Down Under.

    Real Coffee, Customised

    Cubic Promote now stocks authentic Merlo brand coffee beans in custom bags, ideal for pairing with mugs, cups, and coffee presses. We chose to sell promotional coffee beans

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  4. Back to Basics with Promotional Tissues

    a box of tissues on a desk

    The branded tissue pack is one of the most humble tools in the marketing merchandise arsenal. Cheap to purchase, easy to distribute, and brandable in vibrant full-colour, custom branded tissues are actually a fantastic way to get your message in the hands of your intended audience via a practical product that is useful all year round.


    Today on the Cubic Promote blog, we will look at how to use facial tissues in branded promotions effectively.

    Why Bulk Facial Tissues?

    Facial tissues are soft, thin, and absorbent sheets of paper ideal for blowing one's nose or catching a sneeze. Here in Australia, you'd be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn't use tissues for everyday hygiene purposes. Facial tissues are disposable, making them ideal

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  5. Why Australians Love Custom Neon LED Signs

    Neon LED signage on a cafe wall

    If you're old enough, you likely remember when every shop front in Australia boasted a hand-blown glass neon sign to advertise its wares. Whether you went to the local barber or your favourite cafe, there was a traditional neon light to greet you out the front. While this style fell out of favour in the early 90s, in the 2020s, neon signs are all the rage again. Only modern promotional light-up signs are made using more efficient and intelligent technology, making now the perfect time to embrace the gorgeous retro aesthetic that custom neon LED signs have to offer.

    What Makes Promotional Neon LED Signage Unique?

    Neon LED signs light up, meaning people can view them clearly in the dark, unlike traditional printed signage, which offers

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