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5 Best Google Promotional Products

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While we're all familiar with Google as one of the biggest companies on the planet, we don't often think of them as a regular company like any other. In actuality, Google provides the same promotional products to their industry contacts, expo guests, and staff as any other corporate. Check out some of their most memorable custom Google goods below.

google promotional goods

5) Android Promotional BBQ Sets

Who in Australia can say they don't love a good custom BBQ set? Oddly enough Google has produced their own promotional set with a fantastic cut-out of the Android logo. This would go down well at a geeky afternoon cookout!

android promotional bbq set

4) Full-Colour Google T-Shirts

T-shirts are promotional products that suit almost any industry or event you can imagine. Google has embraced this like many other companies and produced a variety of custom printed shirts featuring beautiful full-colour Google Doodle and other unique designs.

google promo shirt

3) Branded Google Cooler Bags

Now, this is a product that would get a lot of use here in Australia - a cooler bag with a funky stereo design and the Google logo on it. Google aren't the first company to see the marketing potential in cooler bags, but there is something extra cool about their take on it. Maybe it's the boombox look!

google branded cooler bag

2) Embossed Google Handbags

Now this one is a more luxurious take on a promotional bag. Made from refined leather materials these Google handbags are the perfect accessory for professionals on the move. Although the branding here is subtle, once you notice it you definitely can't forget it.

premium google handbag

1) Novelty Chrome Lamps

This one is a little different from the norm, and we love it! This promotional lamp has been carefully crafted not just in the shape of the Google Chrome logo, but in the colours too. When you turn it on they each, glow their respective colours and you can't ask for a much more interesting marketing item than that!

google fan promotional colours

Do you have a favourite tip-on gift from Google or any other company? Let us know about it on social media!

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