I've compiled a small checklist for when you have prepared marketing material which may help give you a few ideas on weather your marketing initiative will hit the mark with your potential clients. I'll jump straight into it:

1) Emotions - Despite what people may think most of our purchasing decisions for business or personal is based on emotions not logic!! So look at your marketing initiative based on this perspective. Does your marketing resonate emotionally?

2) Professional - If your material looks orderly, neat and presentable your clients will think that your company is too. They will also think that you will be reliable too!!

3) Personal - Your marketing material also needs to strike a hard to do target which is making it personal. If what you present something which "speaks,"to your potential client then you are onto a winner!!

4) Benefits - Dont talk about your product features.... talk about how your product benefits your customer. This is more personal and makes the product much much more appealing.

5) Comprehension - Simple advertisments or simply structured advertisments which are easy to read are always preferable. So make sure colours are all easy on the eye and everything is well laid out

Lastly the best check point is to run your marketing material through several different opinions and points of view. The more diverse the personality of the testers the better to give you a diverse range of opinions!!

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