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Advantages of Promotional USB-C

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You might be familiar with USB Type-C if you have a recent Android phone, this is the connector type you use to hook up your power or connect with other phones. However, USB-C is more than just a means to connect, it's also being utilised as part of the new generation of flash drives as well. Why should you get a USB Type-C drive instead of a regular USB drive? The answers might surprise you.

advantages of usb type c

Custom Type-C USB is Faster than USB-A


The USB connectors we're used to seeing, USB Type-A, can handle USB 2.0 speeds which have been around for many years and are starting to feel fairly slow. USB Type-C devices are built specifically to handle USB 3.0 speeds and above, meaning you can transfer your data a lot faster when you use a promotional flash drive with a Type-C connector.

USB-C Are Smaller, Flatter, and Easier to Use

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Are you, like me, one of those people who can't stand the way that USB-A connectors need to be up a certain way before they'll connection? That's because the top and the bottom of the USB connector are different from one another - they'll only slot in a particular way. Type-C USB however, is much flatter and smaller connectors meaning they're easier to transport, but as a bonus, the Type-C connector is identical both ways! No more 50-50 chance of plugging in your USB the wrong way!

Not Backwards Adaptable, But That's OK!

usb c comparisons

USB-C plugs are unfortunately not backwards compatible, which means you cannot connect a USB-C cable to a larger USB port nor can you plug an old USB flash drive into a modern USB-C port. However, at this stage rather than phasing out USB-A in favour of USB-C ports, computers and other products are being made with USB A AND USB C ports so you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

So why go with USB Type-C flash drives and cords? Quite simply they are the way of the future, cost-effective connectors that are straightforward to use and very affordable. You won't go wrong with a USB Type-C investment!

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