Ever dreamt of flying first class? Well now you can walk in the shoes of those who actually do! Virgin America have created a pair of promotional shoes that will give you a first-class experience with both feet firmly planted on the ground. Check out our range of promotional apparel here.



The team behind the shoes spent around 8 months designing and executing 'the First Class' shoe. The shoes are hand made in Milan, Italy (of course) and feature white Italian leather, wearable technologies such as wifi, mood lighting, video display and a phone charger. All this topped off with a stainless steel airline-style belt buckle.

Virgin-America-First-Class-Shoe 2

The biggest issues for the design team was finding and sourcing components that were small enough for the shoe. After all they've gotta be comfortable right?

Virgin First Class high Tops 2


Maybe not with a $100,000 price tag. That's right folks, you could've be the owner of these one off high-top shoes as they were auctioned on Ebay over the weekend for a cool US$97,877.77. They are after all...the ONLY ones in the world. The good news is, proceeds go to Soles4Souls a not-for-profit organisation that distributes clothing and shoes. Well done Virgin! We like your shoes!

First seen @ http://www.adweek.com/adfreak/virgin-americas-snazzy-new-sneaker-has-all-amenities-its-first-class-cabins-1741