I love a good conspiracy theory, and nothing strokes the imagination as much as Area 51. The infamous area. Apparently, I am not the only one. The place is so conspicuous that there is even now a range of promotional items dedicated to it. If you love aliens, then this line of merchandise is for you.

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Apparel fit For Aliens

If Aliens were to arrive, what would you wear? Well, tee shirts, caps and apparel with these designs is a good idea to consider.

Pop Culture Popularity

The creators of the meme "Storm Area 51, They Can't Stop All of Us," has garnered a considerable following on Facebook. In fact, last I checked, 1.5 million has reserved a spot to attend the event. The people who created this Meme is cashing in on the sudden online pop culture popularity of this phenomenon.

Personally speaking, I think rushing into a Government airbase (any government airbase), is a rather ill-advised idea. We will find out though in time, as the 20th September, is to be when the event will be held.

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Merchandise on Offer

The merchandise, relating to the event, has surprisingly sold very well. The organisers have done well to create the hype, as well as a stylish range of merchandise that has mass appeal.

Some of the products on offer include the following:

  • Tee Shirts (with a cute alien running around). The catch phrase "I'm going" refers to those who are thinking of attending the event.

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  • Minimalist Apparel: Also on offer are simple black tee shirts and singlets. These are accompanied with an outline of a supposed Alien face, as well as a cheeky one-line caption.

tee shirts 24 july 2019

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Images are first seen on the website: https://www.stormarea51.us/shop