You asked for it and we made it happen! Cubic Promote is proud to be selling an Australian made reusable mask that comes with your unique custom decoration. Support local business and give a face mask to your staff, customers, and community members that they will be sure to appreciate during the weeks and months ahead.

promotional aussie made mask

Why Choose an Australian Face Mask

The quality of our local craftsmanship is renowned throughout the world, so when you're buying an Australian made face mask you know you are buying an item manufactured with skill in our community. But more than that, we source high-quality materials for our face masks including cotton and polyester, the latter of which is treated with an anti-bacterial and water-repellant coating to help maximise the benefits each mask provides to its wearer. Best of all, they're made right here in Sydney so we can make them from scratch (including branding) and get them to you in 3 weeks -- incredible!

adding the bead to bands cutting material

Actual photos from the production line ^

Merchandise for Aussies, By Aussies

Here at Cubic Promote, we stock a variety of products from all over the world, including Australian made items ideal for marketing your brand. It is important to us that we provide our customers with premium product choices at affordable prices, which is why we're so happy to finally have a branded reusable mask option that's made right in our backyard. If you've been considering buying bulk face masks during this difficult time but haven't taken the plunge yet, speak with our friendly sales team to learn more about our Aussie made face masks.