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Awesome Overseas example of promo items

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I love checking out over my shoulder to see what businesses in other countries are doing with their promotional merchandise efforts. Some of our Asian neighbours come up with all sorts of cool ideas! Check out this one from Malaysia KFC.

promotional items in malaysia

What is better than KFC in my mind? KFC with free (or in this case discounted) merchandise that is branded with cute cartoon characters.
Doraemon is a popular cartoon character for kids and adults alike in Asia. KFC had this promotion previously for their chicken. For a mere extra $5.00 Australian dollars (or rm15.90 Malaysian dollars), they are offering a cute ultra soft towel.

Part of the advertising claim that it works great as a pillow and it folds easily (no kidding, it's a great feature that I have always wanted a towel :)). There is no disputing the fact though that this is an awesome promotional item idea. Now if only Australia KFC can offer promotional item ideas like this, then that would be awesome.



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