The word Tattoo, gives an impression of someone that is a bit creative, a little edgy or a bit of a daredevil. If you put the word Temporary in front of the word Tattoo though, you get a different impression altogether. Perhaps some of the words you may think of are, "whimpy, boring and possibly for children." Having a Temporary Tattoo, therefore may not be high on many people's wish list. That is until you see these awesome examples.

temp tattoos

Amazing Tattoo Designs

With many different things, the design of tattoos is what matters. If you have an awesome design and can genuinely create some amazing visuals then you can create something that is rather special. Here are some Temporary Tattoo art that will definitely inspire. Check them out:

bicep tattoo scary tattoo wrist temp tattoo  arm temp tattoos fox temp tattoos shoulder temp tattoo


Admittedly we have never ever printed tattoos that are quite so amazingly detailed. We do have the capability though, so if you have the design, the idea and the will, we can make this happen for you. Hope these amazing tattoos gives you some great inspiration on designing your next promotional tattoo for your next event!

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