We've been discussing the rise of promotional products for restaurants and food companies over the last couple of years, but one thing we haven't seen a lot of with this trend is high-end, premium swag collections from food producers akin to those from fashion labels. Fear not, because A&W have decided to drop some pricey promotional gear made in conjunction with some quality labels. Learn more below.

cheddar branded promo swag

Premium Promotional Products

It seems obvious in retrospect for a brand to collaborate with textile artists to create a merchandise release that is on par with well-known clothing chains, but A&W's latest merch line is really setting the bar high for any restaurants or cafe outlets that want to follow in their footsteps. Rather than caps costing around $20-$30 US like most merch drops from food producers, the price for A&W's "Cheddar Weather" cap is $120US (because you're paying for hand-made, classic-style custom baseball caps). The other items in the range are similarly high-end, including:

The "Cheddar Weather" collection for Fall of 2021 features impressive items that have clearly been made with the utmost care (and by local producers where possible).

logo decorated cheddar jacket custom cheddar beanie

Balancing Cost and Marketing Appeal

While A&W's collection is undoubtedly stylish and appealing, the trade off with such high-priced items is that a lot of everyday root beer-drinking consumers aren't going to be able to spring for a $350US fanny pack (bum bag). This means that if a mainstream brand pursues this method of promotion they must be prepared for a lot of their everyday customers to not engage with this specific promotion. Similarly, some people with higher purchasing power may not be particularly impressed by wearing branding for a range of cheese by a supermarket/corner store-type brand. At the end of the day a business looking to launch a premium range of branded merchandise has to weigh up all sorts of issues before opting to pursue a campaign.

For those of us looking for something similar but without the high price tag, you'll be pleased to know that there are budget-friendly choices available for items like branded jackets and custom t-shirts. Best of all, you don't have to compromise on quality. Speak to the Cubic Promote team if you'd like to learn about Aussie options for marketing your brand in a high-end manner!


Details and images found here: https://cheddarweather.com/