Australia is taking its tentative first steps towards a return to normal with students scheduled to return to schools across the country and workers slowly beginning to transition back to the office. One of the products that are now essential in every office, school, train station, restaurant, and shop counter is the humble hand sanitiser. Cubic Promote has a variety of branded hand sanitiser options that are affordable and effective, ideal items to help you return to work while reducing transmission opportunities for illnesses.

bulk hand sanitiser for returning to work

Why Choose Bulk Hand Sanitiser?

The best way to keep our hands clean and free of bacteria, viruses, and germs is to regularly wash them with soap and warm water for a minimum of 20 seconds. Realistically, this is not an opportunity most people have when they're heading to work on public transport, visiting a shop, or exercising outdoors. That's where Cubic Promote's range of bulk hand sanitiser products come in handy. You can carry a small tube on your person so you can sanitise your hands quickly while on the move, or invest in larger bottles to have sitting around your office or store so everyone can access them.

Hand sanitiser isn't a solution to COVID-19 or the flu by itself but used in conjunction with other hygiene methods its use can help minimise the spread of nasty bugs.

bottle of hand sanitiser logo branded

What Products Pair With Hand Sanitiser?

If you're interested in using hand sanitiser to protect your staff and customers, then you might also want to invest in some other products that pair perfectly for gift packs or event hand-outs. These items include:

If you have an idea for a combo pack in mind that we don't have available, speak with our team and we can organise a hand sanitiser gift set your recipients will love. What sets Cubic Promote apart is the fact that we custom print your unique label designs so that each hand sanitiser has your organisation's logo and details on it, ensuring recipients know who provided them with such a useful item. We currently have hand sanitiser in stock and ready to brand/dispatch, so be sure to get your order in before your team returns to work!