In the age of digital, I would like to declare that everyone needs a promotional notebook boldly. Why? Because the need for tactile writing and traditional notekeeping is more critical than ever for us. A promotional notebook is cheap, low in price and the value of writing your plans down onto paper far outweigh the cost of it.

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Top Benefits of Planning on a Notebook

There are many benefits of writing your plans on a notebook, which is not a digital device. Here are some of the top benefits:

1) Stress relief. Writing on paper with pen or pencil is therapeutic. The feedback of your pen on paper, combined with the soothing sounds of your pen on paper will relieve your stress.

2) Converting to digital format is straightforward. Today, many technologies and methods enable you to save your writing into digital format. So if you need to archive your work electronically, that can be done quickly.

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3) Writing is quicker. If you write a lot, you will get better at it. Soon you will find that writing is faster than typing. It is also far easier to get typing mistakes with a keyboard than it is with pen and paper.

4) Batteries will never run out. If you write on a notepad, you only ever need to worry about your pen running out of ink. This, of course, is unlikely, and replacement pens can be found everywhere.

If you have not tried writing daily into a notebook, then today is the time to start. Save battery, be in the moment, relieve stress and plan your day with a notebook.