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Best Logo Ever For a Plumber

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When you're marketing your business, you're going to want to be memorable. Customers will likely see countless logos, products, and businesses over the years, but how many of them will actually stick in mind? So you're going to want something different, something attention grabbing. For some companies, that means sublime logo design and a genius marketing campaign. For others, something outlandish or hilarious. One Canadian plumber decided on the latter and decorated his truck with the following.

truck sticker

Nick Huckson from Sault Sainte Marie in Canada has just started up in the Plumbing industry. Hoping to get some attention and drum up some business, Nick commissioned the above sticker decal for his company truck. Amusing, eye catching, and likely to make anyone who sees it passing by in the streets to double back and check again, it's a rather funny marketing method. While I'm sure some customers probably disapprove, I'm willing to bet many others were won over by the humour of it. Unsurprisingly, the design went viral.

truck sticker 2

Of course, the company has a proper logo as well, as seen on the rear of the truck and on the trailer. As plumbing is something of a family business for the Huckson's the actual logo has been in use since the 1960's when his grandfather was running the business. A classic design perhaps, but not quite as eye catching as toilet humour. Literal toilet humour.

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