When a brand is known for its specific niche, can it market itself using anything else? Here at Cubic Promote, we think the answer is a resounding yes! Whether your brand is known for mining equipment, fine dining restaurants, or make-up, promotional products may be right for you. Just ask America's Glossier, known for specialised makeup and... branded swag? You'd better believe it!

glossier logo branded top

Glossier Does Logo Decorated Swag

US makeup brand Glossier is known for its cleansers and eye shadows, but one part of the business that has been building fame in recent years is the company's range of merchandise. Rather than being makeup or health focused, the swag that Glossier sells is based on items the staff enjoy as part of their uniforms around the office. That's right, clothes staff members wore at work became such a hit after being seen on Instagram and other social media accounts that consumers wanted their own versions! Luckily Glossier were more than happy to oblige and these days branded merchandise is a permanent part of their range.

glossier logo branded bag

What's in a Range?

So what kind of goodies to all the Glossier customers want in on? They're deceptively simple -- in fact, any business could add similar options to their own range! Items include:

Comfy wearables and everyday accessories are affordable options for most customers and businesses alike. Glossier's choice of a very simple, single-colour logo print on their products is also a smart, stylish, and cost-effective move. Put simply, if you're looking for a way to introduce merchandise into your business marketing campaigns then sharing basic hoodies, drink bottles, and bags with your logo in a fashionable font is a great way to make it happen.

Speak to the friendly team at Cubic Promote for information on what kinds of products we have available in Australia and how we can best adapt them to meet your marketing merchandise #goals.


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