Logos are a vital part of everyday activity here at Cubic Promote, whether we're branding them on promotional products or helping to design them so that a client's message stands out, our team knows the power of a good logo. So it shouldn't come as a shock that our office was abuzz when we learned about Burger King's revitalisation of its corporate branding. Is a logo refresh that exciting? This time, we think so!

burger king rebrand new logo

Logo Identity for Packaging and Uniforms

It might come as a shock to learn that Burger King, the US fast-food chain known for its takeaway meals, hasn't rebranded for over 20 years. For many big-name brands a logo refresh is common every 5-ish  years, so for Burger King to hold out for 20 before making a change is pretty powerful. However, we think this rebrand is the perfect change for a new decade as the new logo simplifies existing concepts in a slightly retro way. The resulting design and packaging stand out as simple, communicative, and fresh while still feeling authentically Burger King.

burger king new font rebrand burger king new logo uniform

Design Changes and A Fresh Approach

So what makes this rebrand so exciting? Burger King has taken not just its logo but its product packaging, crew t-shirts and social media marketing to a simple, classy place. They've refined their colour palette to include green, red, brown, orange, and cream (reflective of the colours found in a fresh burger). They've also got a very 70s-looking font now that is both simple and playful, perfect for a casual dining restaurant. Their more structured, formal uniforms have been pushed out in favour of logo printed t-shirts and sporty, casual polos with the Burger King logo embroidered on them. The result is a comprehensive overhaul of the Burger King brand that beautifully blends modern dining with a retro atmosphere. This is definitely a rebrand that's set the bar high for other companies in 2021!

customised burger king packaging burger king logo tee new

If you want some guidance with your logo branding or uniform ideas for your staff, speak with the Cubic Promote team today. We have decades of industry experience and a passion for helping companies achieve their marketing goals. If this Burger King rebrand has inspired you to revise things in 2021, we'd love to hear from you!


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