Here on the Cubic Promote blog we frequently discuss the branded swag made available by big restaurant chains, but we haven't focused on one of the most popular drink brands featured in these restaurants; Coca-Cola! Not only is Coca-Cola an old-school brand that continues to be relevant even in an ever-changing market, but they're actually a brand that boasts a diverse range of logo branded merchandise in their online store.

coke personalised products branded

Huge Range, Unique Decoration

Coca-Cola and its range of drinks (including Sprite right through to Mount Franklin Water) = big business, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that the brand's online shop is absolutely massive. We could blog for weeks just about the contents of the custom drinkware section alone! But it isn't just the size of the range that is impressive, the way they put their classic logo decoration on undeniably modern products (such as electronic merchandise) really proves this is a brand with timeless staying power.

coke branded slippers coke branded earbud cases

Top Product Inspiration

Another great thing about the expansive range of goodies available from Coca-Cola is they can provide you with some ideas for your own custom decorated goods. Here are some of the items in our own range that are similar and might appeal to local brands looking to establish their own online merchandising presence.

You can opt to develop a large range of products, like Coca-Cola, but if you're a small organisation we recommend starting on popular everyday choices like promotional hoodies or branded cups that recipients will love without having to spend too much. If you'd like to learn more about promotional products in general, then don't hesitate to speak to the Cubic Promote team. We're not behind these Coke items specifically, but with our brand experience we can guide you towards your own marketing merchandise success!


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