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How Colours Influence The Way You Perceive Products & Logos

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Colours influence the way people perceive products. In some instances a mere colour on a packaging can automatically associate flavours to a bag of chips. Obvious ones include:

- Blue for Salt
- Green for Chicken
- Purple for Salt & Vinegar
- Yellow for Cheese

smiths chips 2014

There are literally millions of dollars spent in analyzing what colours work best in influencing how we consume products and how we perceive certain brands. So I am letting you in on a little marketing secret on some of the established results on how certain colours are perceived and what they mean. Check them out here:

Colours & Their Influence


The colour red is associated with blood and fire. Loosely speaking it conveys a lot of intensity when associated in marketing terms. (although I have read that the same emotions apply when using red in terms of interior design).

The Equivalent emotion associated with red is: Activity, emotional, passionate, trust, love, intensity, aggressiveness.

Some of the leading brands that use Red include:

redbull 2014 logoyoutube logo 2014


The colour blue is linked to stability and depth. The sea and the sky is the first thing that comes to mind.

The equivalent emotion to blue is: Comfort, faith, conservative, understanding, clarity, calm, confident, trust

hp logo 2014ford logo 2014


The colour yellow is associated with energy and joy. Sunshine is the first feeling when it comes to this colour.

The equivalent emotion to this colour is: Joy, life, energy, fresh

The leading brands that use yellow include:

mcdonalds logo 2014ferrari horse 2014 logo


Is associated with nature and harmony. The equivalent emotion is Calm, relaxed, trust, peaceful, hopeful.

The leading brands that use green include:

bp logo 2014woolworths 2014 logo


Is associated with happiness and the tropics. The emotive feeling that Orange will convey is: Enthusiastic, creative, determined, stimulating.

The leading brands that use orange include:

orange logo fanta 2014


Is associated with mystery and formality. The emotive feeling that it conveys is bold, seriousness and luxury.

The leading brands that use black include:

motorola logo 2014


Is associated with feminine traits. (no surprise their). The emotive response this colour gives is Love, warmth, nurture.

Leading brands that use pink include:

pink barbie logo 2014


Is associated with mother earth. The colour will provide an emotive feel of Reliability, support and dependability.

m & m 2014

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