We've talked before about the positive impact promotional playing cards can have on a marketing campaign, but here's an example in the wild for you to help get inspired. Originally designed for arguably the best restaurant in Hungary, these cards show that you don't need to play by the rules to make playing cards work for your business

promotional playing cards restaurant

Promotional Card Decks With Unique Branding

When the Hungarian Michelin-starred restaurant, Costes, needed a way to promote their head chef's "playful" take on fine dining they opted for a unique set of logo branded card decks to help promote their delectable menu. Using a hot foil stamping technique (often seen on bulk compendiums) the 16 card set was decorated with the designs of meal ingredients (such as deer and pheasant) as well as a reverse side of printed facts.

promotional card deck restaurant logo

The resulting deck of cards is absolutely stunning to behold. Rather than aim for a standard deck of cards, Costes and Studio Nur (their design agency) opted for a simple alternative that included a smaller number of cards at a higher quality point so that they'd be considered collector's items. Diners received one with each meal and so could "collect them all" by dining at the restaurant regularly.

playing card foiled designer

While these less traditional cards can't be "played" like your standard poker deck, the collectibility and brand awareness more than makeup for that. All and all an innovative take on a classic product that has us feeling very inspired this Monday afternoon!


First spotted here: https://weandthecolor.com/costes-restaurant-card-game-design-studio-nur/101245