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Creative Suggestions for a Clean Kitchen

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The 18th of May is a super fun (and somewhat obscure) national day; it's No Dirty Dishes Day! On this day you can either avoid doing dishes entirely or do your household/office a solid and help with all the dishes taking up room on the sink! If you're ready for a working bee in the kitchen, then you'll want to utilise these great tips for your No Dirty Dishes Day!

promotional kitchen tips

Promotional Products and Ideas for No Dirty Dishes

Not sure where to start with eliminating the dirty dishes in your kitchen? Don't worry, we've got you covered with these super handy tips and tricks.

  • Having a quality promotional tea towel in your kitchen is essential, whether you use yours to dry clean dishes or simply to dry your hands. However, like all kinds of towels, tea towels need to be cleaned regularly to ensure you're not just transferring dirt and germs. If you'd like an eco-friendly cleaning method, pop your promo tea towel into the wash with some white vinegar and baking soda. It'll be as clean as new in no time!
  • Similarly, if you're having issues cleaning stains off your favourite personalised coffee mug or even your nice dinner plates, it always helps to keep some bi-carbonate soda next to your sink. Use the bicarb soda with some water to gently remove any stains. Works well with tea and coffee stains, you won't believe how clean your dishes and cups can be!
  • Planning to get stuck into a huge pile of dirty dishes? Always give your dishes a good soak first before you start scrubbing. Built up stains and any heavily baked-on elements will come off the dishes much more easily this way and you'll be able to save the elbow grease for scrubbing the benches instead!

Do you have any other handy tips to help banish dirty dishes from the kitchen? Hit us up on social media; we'd love to hear how you keep your kitchens clean!

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