McDonald's continues to lead the way in terms of fast-food merchandising and its latest limited edition capsule drop is bound to set a new bar for others to reach. Maccas in the US have decided to venture into the chicken sandwich wars with a new Crispy Chicken Sandwich that is backed by a serious marketing campaign, launching in the US next week.

mcdonalds branded chicken sandwich swag

Promotional Capsule Collection Marketing

Capsule collections are fashion releases that collect together harmonious elements such as colours/clothing styles that work together to create a cohesive look. Increasingly, limited edition marketing merchandise is being released in these trendy collections, giving keen brand fans a snapshot of a new product alongside beautifully branded collectible items. With this in mind, McDonald's has decided to launch its Crispy Chicken Sandwich using a trendy website ("Chkndrop") and a unique mix of promotional items that will only be available through said website.

custom record mcdonalds branded unique mcdonalds chicken hoodie

What's in a Promo Pack?

Keen fans of Maccas snacks can access the new Crispy Chicken Sandwich a day earlier than the general public with this drop, but there's additional elements to the pack including;

  • A unique audio track by Tay Keith (who co-produced Travis Scott's "Sicko Mode" among other things) on a 7" vinyl record! The track will be featured in upcoming commercials and marketing for the new sandwich, but to get a physical copy you need to secure the vinyl in this capsule.
  • A promotional hoodie with "crispyjuicytender" branded on it and the .wav file name for Tay Keith's advertising track.
  • Special logo branded packaging for the entire pack.

Perhaps the most appealing part of this pack is that it drops tomorrow and for only $5 you get all of the above. That's basically just covering the cost of the burger, not the vinyl or the custom hoodie -- talk about a good deal. Given the way limited edition fast-food merch drops sell out you can be pretty sure this promotion will be over minutes after launch in the US!

chicken sandwich branded hoodie and items

Finding Marketing Inspiration

If you're working with a small budget or perhaps you're looking to drive up demand for your marketing merchandise, then launching a limited-edition capsule drop in the spirit of this campaign from McDonald's might just suit your needs. Speak to the team at Cubic Promote about products that work for your industry/goals/budget and what branding you'd like to showcase on each item. We'll handle the decoration and delivery. So if you're feeling that inspiration hit after today's blog, get in touch with us today!


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