YOLO, Hotline Bling and dozens of other hits. You guessed it; I am talking about none other than Drake. If there was ever a perfect Man, then Drake is it. So what does the ideal man do when he launches his own range of custom merchandise? See the results below in this blog.

Latest 2019 Merch

Merchandising plays a big part for any recording artist. This is true for new unknown acts or from established music powerhouses like Drake. We all know album sales have been falling for years. Streaming platforms Spotify and others do not offer nearly the same revenue to artists as they have done in the past. Merchandise is essential to boost the image of global artists like Drake and allow fans to enjoy authentic goods featuring his image while also allowing Drake to enjoy his choice of bling.

Onto the merchandise

So what is on offer from Drake. The list is here:

  • Tee shirts in a variety of designs
  • Caps
  • Posters

What do you think of the designs? How do these compare with other merchandise offered by other music artists? Price-wise, these shirts are quite expensive. Being official merchandise from Drake, you would expect to pay a premium.

tee shirts aug 2019 merch

Prices range from $45 through to $150. Are you an up and coming music artist? Or perhaps your an established music artist in Australia? Then contact us. Our designers may create some fantastic designs for you. We will print them and even dispatch them for you too, to all your adoring fans.