Logos come in all shapes and sizes as we all know. We have worked with logos that range from simply having a single basic shape to ones that are elaborate and in full colour. Other logos we have worked with are simply text. Some with amazing looking font and some seemingly just in Arial. We have even worked with logos where seemingly there is a small paragraph of text that goes hand in hand with the logo. As there are so many different types of logos today I want to talk about layouts and how it can effect the way your product looks visually.

When it comes to branding on products or for that matter print or online media it would make sense to consider not just the size of your logo but if it will be a rectangle shape or a square shape. Or it may simply be a choice to consider, landscape or portrait orientation. Something as simple as the shape of your logo can mean the difference between a branded product that looks amazing or one that looks a bit odd and a little strange. When it comes to any piece of communication there are always limitations with space. From websites, newspapers and promotional merchandise. We therefore highly recommend to have several variations of your logo handy at all times so that you have the flexibility to choose and select the most appropriate version on the fly. We have compiled several hints and tips which I have listed below that will generally help to make your logo variants look their very best:

- Consider only making 3 variants. Rectangle (landscape orientation), square, Rectangle (portrait orientation ie. running down a page)

- For instances where you want even more control of your branding consider logo variants in a circle, diamond and in a narrow rectangle line. This will ensure you are covered for all the different branding situations that arise.

- Consider fine details. If your logo has a lot of fine detail it simply does not look good when they are printed at certain smaller sizes.

- When re-adjusting logos to rectangle orientations it is best to have any text to the left of your actual logo. It is best practice and looks best in most instances.

- Communicate the variations to everyone in your team and company. Ensure that everyone has access to the graphic files or knows who to approach to obtain the files. This will help ensure consistency

- Mono colour versions of each variants is also a smart option too.

Being well prepared for branding is vital for any business big or small. You see the life of most businesses involve marketing and communication. To make your brand look the best in all instances and importantly to ensure consistency and the peace of mind mean that you must plan ahead. Afterall you want your marketing plans such as tradeshows, print media and promotional merchandise to go smoothly and fuss free. Here at Cubic Promote we are experts at re-organising your branding if the product brand area requires us to do so. In all instances we never re-design your logo but merely re-position it to ensure it always looks the best. The branding area on say a pair of custom branded sunglasses is different to say a mousepad. What we are unable to do though is to make your branding consistent across all your other marketing mediums. So for consistency we definitely recommend you to take the time out to consider your logos. Afterall it is Christmas and for many now is the time to take the time out to plan ahead for next year!

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