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Custom Printed Sloppy Joes by Travis Scott

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You may not have heard of Travis Scott, here in Australia, but over in the USA, he is a popular rap artist. So it is quite incredible that he replied to a group of High School students with an offer to personally design their custom printed high school jerseys for their graduation.

Custom Printed Sweaters for Year 12

It was news to me too, but it looks like school leavers Jerseys is not merely an Australian phenomenon, but also a tradition that lives on in the USA. Most year 12 school leaver jerseys are quite generic in Australia, although they do allow for some creative student naming opportunities on the back.

The Coolest Jersey or Sweater in the World

A group of graduating students decided it would be a good idea, to reach out to a celebrity to ask if they may have permission to use specific fonts and artwork which was first depicted on Travis Scott's latest album.

So a yes, would be excellent right? Apparently, the musician did one better and decided to work on an entirely new design for the high school leavers.

The result is a full colour digitally printed sweater. Can there be a more cooler custom printed sweater right now on this planet than these? I think not. Check out the designs below and let me know what you think, from your social media preference of your choice.

custom printed sloppy joes

custom printed sloppy joes back

and, Travis Scott, I may be too old to appreciate your music, but this is a classy move indeed!

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