Tuesday odd product of the day! In the course of my work we come across some delightful products and some that are a little bit strange. Here is a sticky note product that will fall into the latter category.

Custom Sticky Note Table

Have you ever encountered the problem (read: 1st World Problem) of running out of Sticky note space? Or worse still when you are writing with 1 hand and the little sticky notes keeps on sliding around? Well problem solved! Italian Designer Studio called "Soup Studio Design," has come up with an awesome solution to this. Simply make the sticky note larger. In fact so large that it is the size of your actual desk!

sticky note table 1 2014

Not available for retail yet in Australia, but who knows, maybe one day!

sticky note table 2 2014

Also still on the Sticky Note table theme. This time it is b UK Designer Tom Seymour. It features no less than 5000 sticky sheets. Available in the UK this gigantic hunk of sticky note will make a perfect children's table. It has a reported price of $700 pounds.