The Australian Open Tennis is in full swing and Federer is looking in great form to take out the competition this year. In celebration of the Australian Open we thought we take a closer look at the humble tennis ball. As a product the Tennis ball has seem to have undergone almost no changes over the years. The shape and bounce has stayed true to the original design and the fluro colour are as unique as can be.

Personalized tennis balls have always been one of our best selling products and we know for a fact that they are rarely used for gameplay. Some of the most popular uses for them include:
1) As a ball for pets .... lots of doggy related businesses use tennis balls for dogs
2) Schools use them to hand out to students for Handball
3) Corporates use them as interesting substitutes for stressballs
4) Event organisers use them to promote the game of tennis

Tennis Balls as Holders Around The House

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However there is a fifth and much more fun way to use tennis balls. By using a regular box cutter you can create some simple and functional fun tennis balls that can be used around the house.

You can use them to hold pens, towels, keys and letters.

tennis ball pen holder  multiple uses of tennis balls letter opener tennis ball key holder tennis ball

To make these fun holders using a tennis ball is easy. Simply cut out two slots and take out all the mushy insides (if there are any) and presto, you have a versatile holder. Mount them on a wall and add some eyes for added personality.

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