What do promotional items, screen printing and pad printing have in common? The answer is ink! Manipulate ink into a logo design, press it on a product and you presto, a personalised item. Today, I'll share with you an example of someone who decided to do Promo items, DIY style.

This particular business I came across, operates in Brazil. The business name is Diversa. Diversa is a production company that connects artists to other companies. For their branding and marketing, they decided to dispense with companies like Cubic Promote, and do branding themselves.

How To Do your Own Branding?

So how did they do their own branding? Simple through the use of a custom stamp, as well as ink. Using three different shapes, this company allowed the logo, branding and colours to be superimposed randomly creating a very artistic touch.

What Types of Products Were Used?

The types of products used by Diversa include:

My Thoughts on this Effort

Creating your own set of promotional item materials creates a strong connection with the product and the customer. This connection is especially strong if the customer is aware of the effort and the process that you went through to create this branding experience for them.

The obvious drawback, though, is that doing your materials costs money and a lot of time. The ability to scale up and produce them in mass quantity amounts becomes a problem too, once your organisation reaches a specific size. Conceptually though, DIY efforts definitely should be commended, and I would be delighted to see even more small businesses create their own merchandise.

Images first seen on website: https://weandthecolor.com/handmade-branding-carlos-bauer-diversa/102986