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Ellio's Logo Printed Pizza Swag

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Ellio's Pizza isn't a brand we're familiar with here in Australia, but in Northeastern America it's the frozen pizza meal of choice for a lot of young people. Ellio's has been a staple in freezers around the US for decades, and the brand has decided to tap into the nostalgia factory with some funky new clothing & accessories featuring the company's logo. What kind of promotional products tie-in well with pizza? You're about to find out!

promotional ellios pizza tshirt

Promotional Merchandise for Pizza Fans

Because the Ellio's Coolectables range launched just in time for summer in the Northern Hemisphere, a lot of the branded merchandise in the range is perfect for an adventurous day at the beach. However, the merchandise isn't restricted to just the summer season -- there are a few goodies that suit other times of year too. The common element between all the custom merchandise from Ellio's Coolectables is a vibrant, nostalgic look bound to grab attention from anyone nearby, pizza fans or not! These products include the following;

Logo Printed Beach Towels

ellios promotional beach towel shark ellios promotional beach towel logo

These are a summer promotional item, custom beach towels branded just in time for Americans to hit the beach for the season. While both towels are made from a soft, durable material great for absorbing excess water, as of this writing the shark attack design is still in stock while the Ellio's classic logo look has been sold out for quite some time. What did I say about nostalgia branding?

Classic Custom T-Shirts

classic ellios promo tee

Sometimes less is more and this very simply designed promotional tee boasting the Ellio's logo against a bright red background is the ideal way to conjure up fond childhood memories related to enjoying the boxed pizza as a kid. The shirt is made from a hard-wearing jersey material too meaning it will last for ages. Such a great idea for those seeking "classic" branding inspo.

Fun Logo Branded Accessories

ellios custom phone grippers logo printed ellios cards

And finally, some fun bits and pieces for pizza eaters! Ellio's have added their famous logo to a deck of custom playing cards as well as some handy phone grippers. Not only does this put the Ellio's logo directly to people's phones, but the cards also make the idea of games by the bar or pool even more enjoyable. Again, the simplicity of the design is what makes it so effective -- you can't help but have your eye drawn directly to the Ellio's brand, and by the looks of how many products are sold out on their website, a lot of eyes have been drawn to these new goodies!


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