When one thinks of an iconic Australian brand one mind is instantly drawn to Qantas, an international airline that has set the standard for decades in regards to global travel, safety and comfort. Qantas began its story with the adventurous endeavor of two WW1 veterans determined to make Australia that little bit smaller and to this day, 97 years later, Qantas are still working hard to keep Australians connected to each other as well as the rest of the world. To match this entrepreneurial spirit and subsequently adored brand, Qantas have decided to hone their image with the literal reinterpretation of their unique, signifying Qantas Logo.

Qantas New Logo

 Perfecting The Flying Kangaroo

Qantas have recently updated the iconic insignia of the flying Kangaroo in preparation for the coming introduction of their new Boeing 787 Dreamliner which is expected to enter Qantas's fleet late next year. Changes have been made to the shape of the red which encompasses and contrasts the signature image of the flying kangaroo , molding it from a more jagged right-angle triangle to a smoothed out shape baring more of a resemblance to the tail fin of an actual airplane. This is the kind of logo that would look fantastic on a custom printed golf umbrella!

Qantas Retro Logo Qantas New Logo

More changes were made in the form of updating the text font used to write both ''QANTAS'' and ''Spirit Of Australia'' from a bold, fat text to a more sleek, slimline font. Finally, finishing touches were added with the addition of a light, silver streak coming from the back of the flying kangaroo to the tip of it's tail. All of these changes culminate in an image that truly represents the newly inspired and invigorated Australian company that is looking towards the future with perspicacious authority and innovative entrepreneurial spirit.

Qantas New Plane

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