The iconic Ford Bronco SUV has been a popular offroad vehicle in America for decades, but like a lot of classics, it has had to reinvent itself for the modern era to meet new demands. The reimagined Ford Bronco and a mini version (dubbed the "Bronco Sport") will be launched later this month and to celebrate, Ford is getting ahead when it comes to promotional swag featuring the Bronco design.

promotional ford bronco mug

Marketing Merchandise for Brand Loyalists

Classics don't often change, so when they do it calls for a flurry of merchandising and media appearances to spruik the revamped product. The new Ford Bronco is no different in this sense, with the car company going hard to produce innovative swag featuring the bucking bronco design synonymous with their vehicles. It makes sense, even if a consumer isn't going to upgrade their vehicle to the new Bronco immediately they may well be tempted by affordable swag that shows their love of all Bronco SUVs.

logo emblazoned bronco picnic blanket logo branded bronco tees

Types of Branded Products from Ford

The promotional merchandise Ford has popped online in preparation for the new Bronco launch is a mix of fairly standard gear, the types of goods a lot of brands use to get noticed online. However, the point of difference is the Ford Bronco design, which gives each product a unique punch. Available items in the range include:

Each item features a Ford Bronco logo, easily recognised due to its bucking bronco design. Part of releasing a new or updated product is promoting it and by securing branded merchandise for sale weeks before the new vehicle launches, Ford is helping to effectively build its own hype. Past owners and hopeful new owners alike have been buying the swag, nostalgic for the brand's past and hopeful for its future.

If you're looking to drum up some hype for your next product launch or marketing campaign, why not follow Ford's standard and employ a range of promotional swag. The Cubic Promote team can help you out with product suggestions, pricing, and samples -- so give us a call today. Ford Bronco might have its own unique history, but any Aussie business can get inspired to utilise similar marketing techniques no matter what their background.


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