When you think of witty, modern, and broadly appealing promotional products you don't often think "smallgoods company" but Dietz & Watson is set to change that. A popular business known for its meats and cheeses in the USA, Dietz & Watson's lively online store is proof that it doesn't matter what your company sells if your branding is on point your promotional merchandise will be in demand.

fun meat store merchandise

Playful Branding, Smart Custom Products

Most online merchandise stores for big brands feature a fairly standard assortment of logo printed clothing, socks and headwear, as well as customised accessories. What sets the range of goodies from Dietz & Watson apart is just how unashamedly fun they are without being sloppily designed or crass. The brand knows that they're a meat company and they encourage brand loyalists to have fun with their love of meats.

meat sweats logo branded snack branded tee

What's in a Promotional Product Range?

Some of the biggest selling items in the Dietz & Watson online shop include:

Each product has the Dietz & Watson logo subtly placed on it along with a bold, fun slogan like "Looking like a snack" or "Ham." This links the items directly to what the company does, while still being relevant to current trends.

meat eco bags logo branded meat headwear cap branded

Taking a Risk and Getting Noticed

Many businesses out there look at their industry and think "branded merchandise wouldn't work for us, we do _____" but the fact of the matter is that if you;

  • Pick basic, useful items
  • Use branding and slogans that lovingly reflect your industry
  • And have confidence in your value as an iconic brand

You can do what Dietz & Watson has done here, regardless of what your business handles on a daily basis. Speak with the Cubic Promote team today for more information on product selection, logo branding, and item pricing to help get your next campaign underway. Who knows, your new range of custom items could end up being featured on a design blog like this!


Details found here: https://store.dietzandwatson.com/