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Hilarious Customised Coffee Cups

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When you're a talented artist, I imagine any surface could be a canvas for your artwork. Of course, some work better than others, and the cardboard surface of takeaway coffee cups always works. We've covered some amazingly drawn coffee cups in the past, but few as funny as these comics drawn by the talented Josh Hara.

Comic Coffee Cup

I remember when flipping bottles and having them land noisily against the ground was somehow a fad. As for fidget spinners? Well.... Either way, I imagine this comic would hit parents and teachers close to home.

comic coffee cup (2)

The above says so much about social media and our need to take photos of everything.

comic coffee cup (4)

You know, that probably explains a lot about why dogs are eternally cheerful. The world might not be their oyster, but it's close.

comic coffee cup (3)

Well... Milk is pretty cheap. Too cheap if you ask farmers. While coffee is expensive, and probably one of many reasons why us millennials can't afford property (if you believe some of the outlandish things newspapers can say) so yes, crying over spilled milk is pointless, but crying over your fair trade soy milk decaf latte? Well that's money wise.


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