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History of BIC Promotional Pens

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When you think of everyday ballpoint pens, chances are you think of BIC® Crystal® pens -- those slim and easy-to-use writing instruments with the clear barrel. It's not surprising, BIC pens are everywhere in the world and offer unparalleled writing comfort and style. But have you ever wondered how this global brand came about? The history of BIC pens might surprise you.

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The BIC Brand and its History

BIC the company started with Marcel Bich and Edouard Buffard buying a factory in Clichy, France, to begin making parts for writing instruments. While Hungarian Laszlo Biro invented the original ballpoint "biro" pen, it was the team at Bich (later renamed "BIC") who made a revised, user-friendly version of the ballpoint for mass market sale in 1950 -- this pen, the BIC Crystal®, is still one of the most popular styles of promotional BIC pen in the world today.

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Why Did Consumers Love The New BIC Pen?

Initially, sales in France were slow for the BIC Crystal® Ballpoint pen, but as they began distributing across Europe the company employed a new slogan into the 1960's -- "Writes The First Time, Every Time!" This slogan proved key in helping to popularise the BIC Crystal® pen because it promoted an air of reliability and ease that other ballpoint pens didn't have (due to fussy components and high price tags).

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How the BIC Brand Became Memorable

In 1961, with the increase in sales of BIC's Crystal® and other cheap, consumer-friendly ballpoint pens, the company rebranded and officially adopted its unique shade of orange as its branding colour. The logo, which remains largely unchanged to this day, features a boy with a ballpoint head. It was the consistency in branding design/colours as well as the reliable, cheap products being produced that won over the hearts of many during the 1960's and firmly established BIC as the leading writing instrument producer in Europe.

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BIC's Customised Pens Today

By 1969 BIC had established "BIC Graphic" which took its pens in a marketable new direction -- customisation for consumers. It wasn't long before the 1970's and its 4-colour pen launch, and since that time, BIC has been consistently releasing vibrant, practical, and affordable writing instruments. It is this consistency for providing quality promotional pens that has ensured the BIC brand has stayed in the hearts and minds of consumers for well over 50 years and counting.


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