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History of Custom Easter Chocolate Eggs

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Easter and chocolate eggs go together, like vegemite and toast. Typically at around this year, we begin to sell thousands of Promotional Easter Chocolate eggs, however, how did this tradition of chocolate eggs come about? What is the history of the Chocolate Egg? Find out and read on:

easter eggs

Why Eggs and Why Chocolate

An egg has traditionally been a symbol of the living, the natural birth lifecycle and of re-growth. Many cultures around the world consider the egg in such a manner. Easter, the re-birth of Jesus also uses the egg as a symbol of rebirth and coming back to life.

Decorated Eggs

The decoration of eggs with colour and patterns has been a tradition that has been around for thousands of years.

Chocolate Shell Eggs

This brings us back to chocolate. Commonly chocolate easter eggs are hollow. According to some Catholic churches, the hard shell of an egg indicates where Christ was buried. When the shell of an egg is cracked, this shows Jesus and his resurrection. A hollow chocolate egg is the perfect way to symbolize the rebirth of Christ.

But why use chocolate? Well the first chocolate eggs were supposedly created in France and Germany during the 1800's and have remained popular ever since then.


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