Since going viral on TikTok recently, promotional bubble popper toys have become some of our most popular products. These fun items are washable, reusable, and come in a variety of appealing colours. But if you're unfamiliar with the products or have yet to use them for yourself, it might be a bit hard to picture how they work. That's why today we're blogging about using bubble pop fidget games!

bubble popper yellow branded

Get The Most out of Promotional Bubble Poppers

Each bubble popper, regardless of shape or colour, features some of the same identical features. These include the "bubble" elements as well as the branding area for your logo design on the side. When you want to use your bubble pop stress reliever, simply follow our instructions.

Press Down on the Bubbles With Your Finger

press down bubble popper press in bubble popper

Silicone is a soft but durable material, so although the bubbles might look firm in the picture above, they're very easy to push down (making them ideal for people of various ages and ability levels). You'll know you've pushed the bubble down far enough when you hear a light popping noise! The satisfying pop these make is comparable to popping bubble wrap, but because these products are reusable rather than disposable you can distribute these promotional gifts without having to worry about a significant environmental impact from each.

Keep Going & Feel Chill

keep popping bubble toy keep popping bubble toy complete

Once you start you'll notice yourself getting into a rhythm with popping each bubble on the toy. This is why some people enjoy using these items as stress relievers or calming distractions during busy times or moments of sensory overload. Focusing on the popping can help you relax, though these products are designed as fun games above all else. Once you've finished popping all the bubbles on one side, don't worry because these are reusable products which means...

Flip Your Bubble Popper Over to Continue!

flipped over poppers

That's right, keep the fun going by simply flipping the toy over and beginning to pop all over again. There's nothing complicated about these popular goodies and that's definitely part of the reason behind their success, you can just switch your mind off and enjoy the popping without any need to set up complex elements of a game or puzzle. Perhaps best of all, if you purchase your promotional bubble poppers from the customer care team at Cubic Promote, your logo will be printed on the side of each item (as seen in the images above). Use bubble pop toys in your next marketing campaign, at an event for kids, or as simply a treat for your office staff -- these are versatile promotional items with near universal appeal!