We came across two really awesome products today which we thought to share with you. The first product is the USB file. A USB flash memory drive is used to store data and information right? Well so does a folder and a paper holder. It did not take long for someone to put two and two together and they came up with the USB file.

Words cannot really describe what a bit of a giggle this product is so check out the image below:

usb filer 2014

It really is a smart little product don't you think, with more than a little tongue in cheek. The second product we came across is unique in not so much the product itself, but in the branding. Using a petrol station fuel pump image motif and brand it onto a mobile phone power bank and you have fuel power on the go! Very very smart branding and definitely very appealing.

mobile fuel pump 2014

Next time you are thinking about ordering custom branded merchandise why not think outside the box a little and not merely just print a logo but to print a quick witty motif like this one? It makes you look oh so clever and the product so much more interesting to your lucky recipient.