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Who Invented Promotional Backpacks

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The way we go about carrying lots of things around has changed dramatically. Nowadays, if we need things to be carried around we simply reach for a backpack or a duffle bag. A tough bag with a large storage capacity. How did the backpack evolve over time to its current shape? Read on and find out about who invented the backpack.

The Backpack a Result of Necessity

The backpack style and shape as we know it today, is the result of necessity. In the early 1900's retailers of outdoor equipment needed bags with a large capacity. The result? In 1922 a businessman called Lloyd Nelson came up with a device that was worn on the back. This device had a skeleton frame to keep the bag upright. This design was patented and is the first known design for a backpack shape that we know and use today.

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Evolution of a Backpack

Overtime the original design by Lloyd Nelson has been enhanced to make the backpack even more functional. Some of the enhancements are ones that we take for granted including:

  • Zips to close the bags (introduced in 1938)
  • Nylon (nylon material as introduced in 1967 and is light weight and water resistant)
  • Pockets
  • Earphone outlets
  • Bottle holders
  • Alternate closing mechanisms like buttons and magnets

As a Promotional Backpack

Today, backpacks are everywhere. As a promotional bag, a backpack has always been one of the top selling bags. Conferences, tradeshows, school bags, gym bags, corporate backpacks and virtually any outdoor event, has seen promotional backpacks as being the ideal choice of bag for events.

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