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Who Invented Sunscreen

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Ready for some Friday afternoon trivia? If so, here goes! Who invented Sunscreen? I am sure you have wondered about this question at least once in the past right? Well I decided to do some research to find out. Here is what I found.


Sunscreen in Ancient Times

From way back in early history, humans have discovered that the Sun causes the skin damage. The Greeks were seemingly the first smart people to decide that something needed to be done. So the Greeks decided to use olive oil on their skin. Unrelated to the Greeks, the Egyptians in ancient times also had their own skin care routine. They used rice, fowers and plants and also zinc. Zinc as we all know is the key ingredient in modern sunscreens.

Modern Inventors

Right now there are 3 people who have been credited with inventing the modern sunscreen. These four people all lay claim to being the first. Sadly who indeed is the actual first inventor will never be known.

1) Franz Greiter in 1938. Invented a formula with an SPF factor of 2. Franz was a chemist.

2) Benjamin Green. In the USA also a pharmacist supposedly patented a sunscreen for soilders during World War 2.

3) In South Australia (3 Cheers for Australia!!!) in the 1930's a chemist called Milton Blake came up with a formula for a cream that protected a person from the suns harmful rays.

Modern Sunscreen

Today sunscreen is essential for even the cooler seasons in Australia. The price of sunscreen has also come down dramatically. The promotional sunscreens we sell are only a few dollars each, and the effectiveness of cheap sunscreens compared to premium expensive ones are the same.


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