Saturday the 25th of January marks the start of Lunar New Year (Chinese New Year) for, 2020 and this year it is all about the zodiac sign of the rat! But what happens if you've left it until the last minute to get organised for this celebration? Don't panic; Cubic Promote has some last-minute promotional product ideas for those of you needing merchandise before the 25th!

lunar new year last minute promotions

Important Colours for CNY 2020

  • Red: A colour associated with good luck and fortune, an essential colour for the New Year period.
  • Golden Yellow: A colour of prestige that is also lucky and is often paired with red.

Local Promotional Gifts for New Year

First and foremost, if you're considering some last-minute goodies in celebration of the New Year festivities that kick off on the 25th, you'll definitely want to stick with products that reflect a red or golden yellow theme. These colours have a long history of significance ,and basically you can't go wrong with them. Colours like black, white, and green, are not popular during this time of year for a lot of cultures and are best to be avoided.

But once you've got red and yellow in mind, what locally stocked products do we have available for fast turnaround times (aka: BEFORE CELEBRATIONS BEGIN!) Don't worry, we've actually got a lot of options. Here are some of our most popular express promo goodies for the Lunar New Year period.

  • Promotional Metal Pens: Lots of great styles, red and yellow colours available, look incredible once laser engraved with your logo.
  • Logo Branded Notebooks: Huge colour variety, easy and fast to decorate, great item for offices/banks/conferences.
  • Personalised Coffee Mugs: Grab home/office style ceramic mugs or travel mugs, either way, we've got colours and styles to suit CNY.
  • Custom Non-Woven Tote Bags: Perfect colours and styles for gifting to others, great for organising event packs.

If none of the above seems right for your event, simply get in touch with our team of locals and we'll be able to put together some ideas for you. There might not be much time left before Lunar New Year kicks off, but that doesn't mean there isn't enough time to get marketing merchandise that is spectacular for your celebrations! Contact Cubic Promote for more information today!