If you're keen to reach out and reconnect with customers during lockdowns in Queensland and New South Wales, one of the most cost-effective ways to do this is to invest in promotional gift packs. By providing a little goodie bag filled with useful items you can spark a conversation that won't blow the bank during this difficult time.

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Why Branded Gift Bundles Work

People enjoy receiving unprompted gifts, particularly during tough times as they let them know they're cared about which can be extremely uplifting. But why opt for gift sets rather than just a standard singular gift per staff member or client? Well, there are a few reasons why top Aussie businesses like to select gift sets when they can over, say, individual items. These include:

  1. Gift packs can include several relevant items rather than just one. Obviously if you're giving a reusable face mask to a recipient they'll be appreciative, but if you include related items like hand sanitisers and social distancing items as well, their engagement with the gift is elevated.
  2. All items can include custom decoration. Rather than just branding on an outer package, Cubic Promote's gift packs include branding on individual items so each product in the set you choose can be customised to reflect your message and make the bundle even more cohesive.
  3. Gift packs offer value for money. If you were to order several different items (branded drink bottles + pens + notebooks, etc.) the cost is higher than when you order these products as part of a gift pack. We can offer more competitive prices on these items as the branding can be performed on all items in succession, rather than per order. We have also carefully selected cost-effective and relevant goodies for our standard packs, making them a good way to save money in the long run if you're keen on gifting items to your clients/staff in bulk.

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What Kind of Gift Packs Are Available

So you want to treat your team to a gift pack to help recognise their hard work, or perhaps you're looking to surprise some of your favourite customers with a loyalty gift pack. Here are some of our best-selling gift set options that Aussie brands can't get enough of!

If none of our top-sellers tickle your fancy then call and speak to our customer care team about what other options are available that meet your requirements. Here at Cubic Promote we're based right here in Australia and stock/brand most items locally so we're always happy to work with you to create custom kits for specific campaigns. Stay safe during this tough time and don't hesitate to get in touch if we can assist you with your staff or client rewards during lockdown.