Campbell's soups are a staple for winter diners both here and abroad, including America. For the holidays this year, the brand decided to join the wave of food companies making promotional swag including a variety of colourful gear that's perfect for the (Northern) winter.

promotional soup swag blanket

Promotional Merchandise for Soup Fans

Although soup isn't the first product you may think of when it comes to promotional clothing and accessories, the Campbell's team have done a great job of pairing up the company's logo with products that suggest warmth, familiarity and reliability. Soup in the winter reminds us of hot family dinners, feeling snuggled up under a blanket, and our familiar seasonal routines. Knowing that, it makes sense that the company would sell the following branded merch to its dedicated soup eaters;

promotional soup swag gloves promotional soup swag cap

What Makes This Campaign Different

Part of what sets this limited edition (on sale for 4 days only!) campaign apart from the competition is just how FUN it is. A lot of clothing being sold this time of year looks professional but is lacking the kind of silliness that helps make campaigns stand out. Campbell's Chunky Soup fully embraces the silly side of the holidays by producing gloves, hats, blankets, and belts that have an extremely specific purpose involving their product. This immediately draws attention from customers, but because all the products usefully function as regular gloves, hats, blankets, and belts too it means they won't be a single-use product, but an item that gets reused for years to come.

If you're keen to emulate the success of the Campbell's Soup range, don't be afraid to ask for customisation to your branded products that will help them beat the competition. This may include opting for distinctive branding (like 3D embroidery on caps) or custom manufacture of some elements (like the added spork holder on the Campbell's caps). The sky's the limit when it comes to making a product fit your brand -- just ask the friendly sales team at Cubic Promote!


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