When the weather starts warming up Australians flock to the beach, it's just what we do as a nation! While some Aussies are still in lockdown, with these restrictions lifting soon now is the perfect time to look into boosting your brand visibility with promotional products suited to use on the beach! Check out some of our most popular beach-related items for your next marketing campaign below.

branded hood beach towel

Promotional Hooded Beach Towels

A trip to the beach (or the pool) isn't complete without a towel, otherwise how would you dry yourself off after taking a dip in the water? Get your organisation noticed by providing Promotional Hooded Beach Towels to your staff or customers and your logo will be visible for all those on the beach to see! Hooded beach towels are convenient because they can be worn over the body like a lightweight hoodie, giving you extra protection from the sun. Cubic Promote even has Kids Sized Hooded Beach Towels so you can grab some for the whole family. We print your custom design of choice over the whole towel, which makes these ideal accessories that also convey important messages. Definitely the type of item you'd want while visiting the beach this summer!

custom beach balls

Logo Printed Beach Balls

If you want to keep yourself occupied in the pool or at the beach, you can't go past Logo Printed Beach Balls. Bat around these lightweight balls by yourself or with friends. If you have a beach party planned or a seasonal work event by the pool you'll want to grab beach balls with your corporate decoration or message printed on the side. If you're short of gifts for the holiday season you could also grab beach balls from Cubic Promote with a Christmas message on them for your team members or customers. No matter who you decide to distribute these affordable custom beach balls to, they'll be sure to have fun.

logo printed beach mats

Customised Beach Mats

Finally, a promotional product that works as a beach item or as a picnic item, Cubic Promote's Customised Beach Mats! Beach mats are woven fabric products that serve as a shield between you and the hot sand on a summer's day. Simply unfold the beach mat and spread it across the sand. You and your family & friends can sit on the mat or sit items on it that you don't want to take near the water. If you're not heading to the beach that's OK, these mats also work in a pinch for picnics (though they aren't super soft and rug-like). We add custom decoration to each mat making them perfect for corporate gifts or event giveaways.

If any of the above beach-y products catches your eye, or if you're keen on more beach-related item recommendations then give the Cubic Promote team a call today for more information!