Here in Australia we have a variety of instant noodle options, both local and imported, but in the US the premier noodle brand is Nissin who sell the famous "Cup Noodles" that offer hungry consumers a quick meal that hits the spot. But did you know that Nissin has also started producing logo branded merchandise for Cup Noodles fans? Today we're checking out some of the fun, noodle-y swag that is available and just how inspiring it actually can be for organisations looking to market their brand using promotional products.

cup noodle branded t-shirts

Promotional Merchandise for Foodies

In 2021 it would seem that the trend of food companies reaching new audiences using eye-catching promotional products won't be dying down any time soon. Not only have Nissin launched an extensive range of Cup Noodles swag featuring their famous instant ramen, they've even started collaborating on branded items with Hello Kitty! Frankly this is an impressive move, combining to popular brands originally from Japan and launching merchandise directly into the English-speaking market. But what kind of promo swag can you expect from the Cup Noodles range as a whole?

cup noodle branded slippers cup noodle branded wrapping paper

Available Logo Printed Products

The Cup Noodles and Top Ramen products from Nissin have easily identifiable corporate colours and logo designs, which they have decided to make full use of in this range of unique custom products for noodle fans in the US and beyond. These include;

Each of the items is a simple colour (such as red, yellow, or even white/black) with the Cup Noodles or Top Ramen logos added to them. The colours and styles in the range, with the exception of the kooky Hello Kitty swag, offer a very consistent colour palette so fans of coordinating their street wear will undoubtedly love this collection.

top ramen logo cap hello kitty cup noodle branded tee

Finding Your Inspiration

Whether you're in the food business, snack production, or something entirely unrelated you're sure to find some inspiration in the Nissin Cup Noodles and Top Ramen merchandise available online. They combine popular street wear styles with simple, modern logo decoration that will make you hungry for their products. If you're keen to get consumers interested in what you do then speak to the Cubic Promote team today for more information on how we can help you pick & produce a range of branded swag that consumers will love.


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