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Logos Inspired by International Womens Day

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Yesterday was International Women's Day. This vital date goes by in Australia without many people noticing. In some countries around the world, this particular day has a lot of significance and meaning. To celebrate the day, I came across these awesome logos done by a group called "Creative Equals." Logos obviously means a lot to me, because I brand logos onto promotional products everyday.

Female Logo Characters

Whether you like it or not, logos and organisations play a big part in our daily lives. Brands do influence how we perceive things on a regular basis. In a way brands also convey modern culture, after all, brands need to be famous to enable their entity to sell their goods or services. Below are a few cheeky examples of having famous logos altered. Check these out; they are most creative indeed.


One of my favourite Chip Brands. I think the female version concept of this logo is a lot more cuter.

pringles girlpringles boy

BIC Pens Logo

The BIC logo is one that I am very familiar with. Afterall we do have a big range of BIC pens that we stock ourselves. I never actually noticed that the BIC logo character is actually a boy and not a girl. My personal opinion is that I like the Girl logo version a lot better.

bic boy logobic girl logo


Schwarzkopf Haircare

Its strange how haircare products is for women, but it never occured to me that this leading brand has a male logo.

haircair man haircare women

Dreamworks Logo

Lastly the Dreamworks logo. Creator of some of my favourite movies.

dreamworks girl dreamworks boy

Let me know what you think of these imagined logos. Which one is your favourite? Share with me on Twitter, Facebook or Google+

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