Many organisations have merchandise created exclusively for toddlers and young children. It is a simple idea to have young children experience your brand or your organisation's services when kids are young. The sports car brand Mclaren is the latest company to do just that.

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Speed Thrills for the Young

McLaren is a desirable sports car for many adults. The price of these cars is far out of reach for most people. This does not stop it from being a brand name that many aspire to. In a fun and cheeky move, Mclaren has now decided to emulate the look and feel of its Sportscar, by releasing a tiny children's car for Toddlers. If you are aged between 3 to 6 years old and have parents that are fans of the brand, then you are in luck.

The Ultimate kids Promotional Toy

The Mclaren promotional toy car has to be the ultimate kid's toy. It features a gorgeous replica body, as well as colours that are true to the original vehicles. The vehicle works on electricity and has speakers that emit a revving sound like a real car. Alternatively, you can have the audio speakers play music! Perhaps the theme song from Thomas the Tank Engine perhaps?

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Extravagant Marketing

Viewed in another perspective, creating toys like this, by a company such as Mclaren can be considered to be an extremely extravagant piece of branding and marketing. Adults will find the product extremely cute and amusing, and kids will hold on to childhood memories of themselves zooming around in one of these cars. The car itself costs over $400, so it's not cheap, but affordable compared to the real car.

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