Whether we like it or not, autumn and winter are the peak seasons for nasty colds and flus that can leave Aussies with runny noses and sore throats. That's why the range of promotional throat lozenges at Cubic Promote make such great items of marketing merchandise for events or campaigns that fit into the cooler seasons.

logo branded vicks lozenges in eco box

Your Logo on Handy Throat Lollies

Throat lollies or lozenges are the perfect conference giveaway for events that fall in the April-August period because they'll help your attendees feel their best before speaking! Whether you're looking for everyday soothing throat lollies like Vicks VapoNaturals, or a more rustic option like traditional eucalyptus throat drops, Cubic Promote has you covered. All our throat lozenges come in sealed packs ready for distribution with your logo decorated on the outside of each container.

eucalyptus throat lollies pack guy with sore throat

Quality Products for Great Promotions

Here at Cubic Promote we only stock retail quality throat lozenges including popular brands such as Vicks and Soothers, so you can order from our team with confidence. Our branded throat drops cost about the same as everyday conference lollies but provide that refreshing, soothing feeling only cough drops provide. Associate your event or organisation with quality throat-relieving confectionery supplied by an Australian owned and operated company. You'll definitely stand out over autumn and winter when flu season is at its peak!

If you'd like to know more about our locally stocked throat lozenges for your corporate event or campaign, simply give the Cubic Promote team a call. Our friendly sales team can assist you with pricing, samples, and virtual design mockups to ensure you're getting exactly what you're after. Fight back against sore throats in 2021 with delicious, soothing throat drops from Cubic Promote.