Mcdonalds Amazing Promotional Straw

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Mcdonald's has released what is possibly the world's most advanced drinking straw. This straw is amazing, because it uses science and physics to enable you to drink a brand new milk shake product called the Chocolate Shamrock Shake in ways that you would never have thought about. Sadly this new milkshake and this amazing straw is not available in Australia as it is a USA release only (for the time being, at the time of writing).

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Advanced Promotional Item

This promotional item by Mcdonald's is actually a straw. Is it the most advanced promotional product in the world? Perhaps! Calling on help from Space engineers and scientists, this U shaped straw (the U bend actually goes into the milkshake) will enable patrons of McDonald's to sip a milkshake and deliver a flavour ratio of 50% chocolate and 50% mint with every drink.

The result is a straw that has unique holes throughout and is a definite head turning device that will create a lot of interest among consumers. Was this straw really necessary? Probably not, but from a marketing point of view for a new drink product, it is simply amazing.

mcdonalds straw u straw ustraw close


 Limited Edition Promotion

Due to the uniqueness of this straw, only 2000 are being made. These are being made solely to promote the Shamrock milkshake.

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