Taco Bell is a popular chain of restaurants in America. Recently they are expanding further into Australia. Taco Bell does custom branded merchandise exceptionally well, and this is a visual blog on the type of graphics and products they use. Hopefully, you may gain some inspiration for your organisation.

hot sauce aug 2019  floaters aug 2019

The Taco Bell Branding

Taco Bell sells American inspired Mexican food. They are affectionately known as Tex-Mex. The food they offer is fast and delicious. An emphasis is placed on the food is casual, fun and youthful. Surprise, surprise then, that their merchandise also reflects this vibe.

Products for the Summer Time

A lot of the Tex-Mex merchandise reflects the Summer Time flavour of the brand. So what makes promotional items have a Summer Time Theme? Easy:

  • Bright Colours
  • Loud Fonts
  • Products that are used in Summer (Inflatables, Eskies, Beach Umbrellas)
  • Fun items for amusement (toys, lapel pins etc.)

taco bell bags aug2019cups aug 2019taco bell glasses aug2019

Taco Bell Merchandise

So has Taco Bell, successfully create a range of promotional items with a fun Summer theme? The answer is a definitive Yes.

Check out the visuals below. They are fun, summer products that will bring a smile to your face.

  • Blue Light Glasses (to reduce the impact of LCD monitors on our eyes)
  • Printed Backpacks (printed with lots of yummy food items)
  • USB Drives in the shape of a sauce sachet
  • Phone Battery Charger (also in the form of a sauce pack)
  • Promotional apparel (tees, hoodies, pants)
  • Stationery Products (notebooks, pens and pencils)

The Taco Bell Range is sold through the Taco Bell website, as well as its restaurant stores. I have no doubt that these cheeky attractive products will be extremely appealing to both young and old alike. Let me know what you think about the Taco Bell products.