We've covered Taco Bell promotional products here on the Cubic Promote blog several times before, including this great set of lounge swag. Because the restaurant chain really is at the top of its merch game they've already brought out some more eye-catching gear for fans since then and we've decided to check out some highlights today from their expanded range of branded items.

taco bell retro custom tee

Simple Promotional Products that Turn Heads

Taco Bell's range is quite extensive, but in actuality, they have an assortment of tried-and-true items with truly gorgeous designs that make you want to rush out and buy them. Although there's nothing inherently special about a restaurant selling promotional t-shirts or logo printed hoodies, Taco Bell smartly produces their swag with a variety of designs that draw attention and it is this innovative use of design that set them apart. So don't worry if you run a restaurant and want to market your business with merchandise akin to Taco Bell, it is totally doable for businesses of all sizes if you choose logo designs that your customers will appreciate.

taco bell laser etched bottles taco bell branded scrunchies

What Makes Taco Bell Logo Designs so Appealing?

Unlike a lot of other brands, Taco Bell embraces a variety of different logo styles. You can find retro 70's-look logos on their swag, modern ironic slogans, as well as simple patterns featuring their food (tacos, chips, sauce, etc). They put these designs on straightforward products like clothing, logo decorated drink bottles, and promotional sunglasses. The products themselves are simple so the real feature is the logo, your eyes are drawn to the company's branding and naturally, you end up wanting to buy the items that fit with your own personal look.

taco bell classic logo print tshirt taco bell funny white tee

How Can I Use Merchandise Like Taco Bell?

If you want your marketing merchandise to get noticed, here are some tips based on Taco Bell's strategy.

  • Put your logo on useful everyday items, don't opt for zany merchandise that a buyer or recipient will rarely use. Yes, promotional clothing is common but that's because people wear clothes every single day. Choose products that will give your brand maximum everyday exposure.
  • Don't feel like there's only one way to use your logo. Try mixing up your designs or alternating colours. You could even produce small runs of these "different" products and make them limited edition, immediately upping their desirability because of their exclusive nature.
  • Sell online as well as in-store and through event giveaways. Right now there are a lot of limits on restaurant visits and conferences, so be sure to offer any swag for sale (or giveaway depending on your campaign) on your website. This ensures your target audience can buy your merch or enter your giveaway without having to leave their home, something very important during these difficult COVID days.
  • If you're buying t-shirts or logo decorated caps as part of your merchandise range, be sure to order enough for your staff to wear at work. Not only will your team look great, they'll be advertising your swag as they go about their jobs, which in turn will make the items more appealing to consumers (who doesn't like to see what a t-shirt looks like when it's on, rather than popped onto a hanger).

If you need more advice or some product suggestions, please don't hesitate to contact the Cubic Promote team. We can provide you with pricing, availability information, and samples. Get your next marketing campaign moving with some #inspo from Taco Bell and assistance from Cubic Promote!


Product details and images found here: https://www.tacobelltacoshop.com/