Here in Australia, Mountain Dew is a beverage choice primarily associated with fast-food restaurants. However, in the US, Mountain Dew is one of the top-selling citrus flavoured beverages on the market. Not only do American consumers get a large variety of Mountain Dew flavour variants, they also have access to a pretty darn impressive range of logo branded clothing in the brand's online store. Today we're checking out just what helps these items stand alone in an already crowded market.

mountain dew winter clothes

Eye-Catching Promotional Apparel

Part of what makes Mountain Dew's official clothing so dazzling upon first glance is the brand's distinctive use of its unique colours; shades of green, often against black. The greens are bright and instantly recognisable to anyone who has had a sip out of a Mountain Dew bottle or can, which helps the clothing to stand out in a world full of branded merchandise. The other thing that is apparent from the moment you view the range is that Mountain Dew have some seriously creative items of clothing in their capsule collection, not just promotional t-shirts and hoodies.

mountain dew bow tie mountain dew athletic pants

Unique Clothes for Marketing Your Brand

Although t-shirts and hoodies remain some of of the best-selling items around when it comes to promo clothing, they aren't all that apparel has to offer. Mountain Dew highlights this by featuring some quirky items in their range including;

Alongside these more "out there" goodies are all the classics like t-shirts, sweaters, hats, and beanies boasting the Mountain Dew logo and various slogans. But it is the oddity items, like bow ties, that really stand out as potential novelty gifts for keen brand fans looking to grab something memorable for their collections.

mountain dew pjs mountain dew custom gloves

Get Noticed Today

While we aren't behind the Mountain Dew gear, we are Australia's experts when it comes to branded apparel for marketing purposes. If you're looking to create original clothing with a local business that understands your marketing needs, give the Cubic Promote team a call today!


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