One of our consistent best-sellers over the years has been promotional notebooks featuring unique logo branding. While single colour pad prints are the most cost-effective branding method for getting your logo onto a notebook, this week Cubic Promote has introduced some very affordable new notebooks featuring full-colour printing over the book covers.

full colour promotional notebook cubic

Why Choose Full-Colour Decorated Notebooks?

Single colour prints on notebooks serve a purpose, but sometimes it is important to convey a colourful design or perhaps even a photograph. That's where full-colour printed notebooks come in handy. There's no need to compromise on colours or styles when you order a full-colour notebook, all your design will be replicated in vivid detail. The other primary benefit of using full-colour notebooks is that because your print can go from front to back cover (for saddle stitch notebooks), there's a massive branding area to fill. Add important phone numbers to the front or back for easy access, include a map of your business location -- full-colour notebooks can fit all sorts of useful, complex information on them!

full colour notebooks saddle stitch

Cubic Promote is Your Choice for Colourful Notepads

After vibrant, full-colour printed notebooks that will make your logo or photo absolutely pop? You've come to the right place, Cubic Promote has just added a variety of new notebook options to our range that are affordable, functional, and boast a seriously premium look. These include:

All these notebooks take around 4 weeks to produce in a gorgeous full-colour and you can select various other options as well (such as unlined paper, a belly-band on saddle stitch books, etc.) If you have a deadline, speak with the Cubic Promote team and we'll try to match your date. We also have a variety of fast turnaround notebooks that we print with 1 side full-colour prints as well, so if you have an urgent event don't worry, we can accommodate you!